Orthopedic Implants

AGNOTEX utilizes the most technologically advanced machining and finishing capabilities for the manufacturing of orthopedic implants and devices. We are your supplier of choice for Orthopedic Plates and Screws used in Spine, Trauma, Extremity, and Maxiofacial applications. Our 7-Axis Contour Milling and Swiss Turning equipment enables us to manufacture a complete part from a single machine reducing costs and providing better quality to our customers compared to traditional machining methods that require secondary operations. This equipment is available for process development, as well as production, located in separate & fully dedicated departments. Proprietary Electro polishing, CNC Tumbling, and Titanium Anodizing processes enable Norman Noble, Inc. to meet all types of surface finish specifications for orthopedic implants. We also have 8 fully dedicated contour milling machines for the manufacturing of implant grade PEEK components.

7-Axis High Speed Contour Milling

  • Machining of complex parts from bar or flat stock material.

  • Dedicated equipment for production of implant grade PEEK components.

  • Automated manufacturing process allows for single operation machining of complete 6-sided part and eliminates the need for secondary operations and fixturing requirements.

  • Reduced cycle time and tighter tolerance compared to conventional 5-Axis machines.


  • Experienced in process development and production handling of small diameter, high precision orthopedic implants and devices.

  • 13-Axis manufacturing with gun drilling, thread whirling, small hole broaching, and 3D profiling capabilities.


Automated Deburring & Polishing

  • Capable of producing a 2 Ra microfinish on all metallic components, including stainless steel, titanium, nitinol, cobalt chrome, etc.

  • Efficient process utilizing a wide variety of engineered burnishing compounds and high energy, driven-media finishing technology.

  • Equipment available for both process development and production.

  • Programmable Logic Control eliminates operator variation and allows for a validated process.

Inspection Equipment & Quality Assurance

  • Multi sensor systems with laser, optical and touch probe for full three-dimensional measurement of 5-axis parts, such as bone fixation plates.

  • Process validation per ISO 13485:2012.

Cleanroom Packaging

  • ISO Class 8 room with adaptable microenvironments for tighter particulate control.

  • Controls temperature, humidity & microbial growth.

  • Lot specific Endotoxin (Pyrogen) reports available.