A clean room is a controlled manufacturing environment that has a low level of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. Environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure are carefully controlled with air delivered to the clean room through HEPA filters. Agnotex operates 4 clean rooms dedicated to manufacturing elastomer components for the semiconductor, food/dairy and pharmaceutical/medical industries.

We Set Up Your required Cleanroom In 10 Professional Steps:

  1. Step One: For Which Purpose You Need Cleanroom. ...
  2. Step two: What Is Your Work Flow And its Layout? …
  3. Step Three: Define Cleanroom Classification Based On Step One And Two. ...
  4. Step Four: Define Cleanroom Pressurization. ...
  5. Step Five: Define Cleanroom Supply Airflow. ...
  6. Step Six: Determine Air Exfiltration Flow based on Your Region. ...
  7. Step Seven: Define Environment Air Balance. ...
  8. Step Eight: Assess Remaining Variables. …
  9. Step Nine: Provide Different Parts of Cleanroom as Modular parts. ….
  10. Step Ten: Integrate Modular Parts in Your Site. ….

Agnotex engineering team offer our customer’s multi-level inspection concepts and full service concepts for the operation, the servicing and the maintenance of cleanrooms of cleanroom classes ISO 9 to ISO 3 according to EN ISO 14644-1.

Service packages and inspection regimes can be adjusted to your needs. We guarantee effective and cost-optimized operation of your cleanroom. Quick reaction times are possible due to the high stock levels of spare parts and single components such as motors, control units, pre- and primary filters, filter fan units and many more.

From changing the filter to newly adjusting pre-existing control technology and to retrofitting or optimising single components and systems; from cleanroom cleaning to particle measuring and finally to advising on and supporting the implementation of a clothing concept. We see ourselves as cleanroom all-rounders: Full service from a single source.

Price is function of:

  1. Cleanroom ISO Class
  2. Dimension of demanded cleanroom
  3. Region Climate Condition during the year.

You may also interested to know for what products, which technology you need to select or how much fund you need to suppose. As for non-binding budgetary estimation purposes, you can refer to below table. If you need more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

 Maximum particles/m3, >=0.1 µmISO ClasificationCleanroom AreaEquipment OriginPrice Estimation per square meter
11,000ISO 3< 25 m2USA, Germany, Canada, Sweden, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy11,500.00 CAD
> 25 m210,500.00 CAD
210,000ISO 4< 100 m28,500.00 CAD
> 100 m27,000.00 CAD
3100,000ISO 5< 250 m25,500.00 CAD
> 250 m24,750.00 CAD
41,000,000ISO 6< 500 m23,750.00 CAD
> 500 m22,450.00 CAD